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Pressure Washing With Bleach

Should Bleach Be Used For Pressure Washing?

Pressure Washing With BleachEveryone knows how effective bleach is for all types of cleaning. We use it for our clothes, for our sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. If bleach is so great for so many types of cleaning, is it also ok for pressure washing houses, driveways, decks, stucco, siding, and more? Pressure washing with bleach is a common method used and in fact can produce some amazing results.

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More About Pressure Washing With Bleach

Using bleach through a pressure washer is a great way to remove mildew and mold from various places. Just like anytime bleach is used some precautions should be taken. For example, if any bleach gets on clothing it will “bleach” them. Bleach can also kill plants and vegetation. If you are a beginner pressure washer or are hiring a professional pressure washing company, the correct steps and precautions should always be taken.

What is Bleach

Although bleach is a common household name and product most don’t know what bleach actually is. In fact, many pressure washers don’t completely understand the chemical compound. Bleach is a mixture of various chemicals. These chemical compounds are called oxidizers. What these oxidizer do so well is actually break down the cell proteins and membranes. That is why bleach is so effective and when used or applied to organic colors it degrades the pigments at the cell level which ultimately leads to the dissolving of the colors. For these reasons bleach is a great killer of mold and mildew but caution needs to be used because of its strong capabilities.

Why Safety is Important When Pressure Washing With Bleach

Pressure washing with bleach needs to be treated seriously. As a professional pressure washing company in Marietta, GA we take safety seriously. Not only our safety but the safety of our customers, the customers plants, and homes. Pressure washing should be done with the proper safety gear includeing safety glasses and protective clothing. A safety measure that is extremely important is that of protecting vegetation around or near our clients homes. If bleach does get onto the plants, we take precaution to thoroughly wash the plants off with water.

Do Not Mix Bleach With…

Bleach is a chemical compound and certain chemicals should not be mixed together for safety reasons. Here is a list of chemicals that bleach should not be mixed with.

  • Acid
    - If bleach is mixed with acids, a chlorine based gas will be produced which will definitely irritate the skin and cause lung tissue to be burnt when enhaled.

  • Ammonia
    - Do not mix bleach with ammonia. Why? Because the gas that is formed is actually explosive.

  • Other cleaning solutions that are not compatible with bleach
  • Vinegar
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